Due Effe S.p.A.



Since 1969 Due Effe S.p.A. has been committed to serious and continuous innovation in the  personalized production of STEAM IRONS for the industrial and domestic sectors.

Its long experience and the high quality of its steam irons and products have made the company one of the world leaders in the sector of irons in a short span of time.

Simultaneously, the production of ELECTROPUMPS was initiated for the dry cleaning machines’ sector.

Once again, Due Effe has distinguished itself at an international level by proving to be a versatile and dynamic company, able to develop cross-sector technological know-how.



Today the company presents itself as a solid, lively and energetic structure, capable of keeping up with an ever more complex and specialized  competitive system.

Its leadership position in these sectors has allowed it to channel its resources and energies into diversifying production and the product offering. This has contributed to its powerful entry into the Medical Equipment Sector, the Vacuum Sector and the Machine Tools Sector.

Strategies for entering new geographical areas has allowed it an even more capillary distribution and an ever-growing international presence.

Over the years, customer service has become a predominant characteristic of the company’s activity and customer-oriented logics are the guidelines for the development.

Today, the customized production of high quality products is the essence of the company mission.

A network of suppliers, collaborators, and contractors has allowed the development, sharing and growth of the unique and inimitable cross-sector knowledge and skills, typical of the Italian industrial district.



Research, innovation and technological development are and will continue to be the guidelines for the company’s present and future. A constant commitment to offer the market and its clients a high quality product with the service that only Due Effe can provide.

An invitation to all to write the future of our sector together with us.



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